People of Grafton

Charles Grafton – Leader of the town, Wealthy Trader/Brewer, Former Captain

Brisbane – Older Man, Sturdy Looking, Former Soldier, Well Armored, Longsword w/no Shield
Serves as Grafton’s 2nd, Captain of the Guard and in Charge of Operations

Frank Haddock – 4’0’’, chubby, old, long shirt, sleazy, messy hair, hates nat

Nat Cartwright – 4’0’’, chubby, old, shrewd haggler, hates Franker

Brophy the Butcher – Happy, optimistic, slaughters animals while talking, removing tongue/eyes/pulling the skin of the face, covered in blood

Morris Minor – one-eyed half-elf barkeep, chunk of ear missing, 4 fingers off L-hand, and a limp

Ham Pot – fat hafling cook, drinking/smoking, quickly climbing about boxes/steps/ladders, fights with heavy pot

Peter “Dung” Fletcher – greasy, drunk, beggar, gets kicked out of the inn, betrays town, uses dagger

People of Grafton

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