Peeblehouse Citizens

Deacon Willie Nelson
Young nervous man, thin framed and worried for the safety of village. Picture

Generic Guard
These guys are newly recruited from the town’s militia.

Harlow Steakems
Kind old man that runs The Barking Brew. Cultist

Davey Turnip"
Gruff halfling server that works in The Barking Brew. Non-Cultist

Tragic-Faced Garth
Serious fellow with a gnarly hair lip, lazy eye and a birthmark like a dog’s spot around his good eye. Runs the general store. Non-Cultist

Dugan Skinner, Tom Skinner and Mary Skinner
Dugan is a grease ball, known for lying and trying to screw people over. He’s basically a used car salesman. He has taught his family to do the same. Cultists

Kara Hobs
Portly older woman that runs the village herb shop. Cultist

Peeblehouse Citizens

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