Peeblehouse Citizens


You 3 have been called upon by a priest in the village of Peeblehouse. The priest has made all the arrangements for your stay at the village’s inn, The Barking Brew, and will meet you there upon your arrival. His reason for requesting you was vague; the message was more cordial than informative. However, the promise of payment and the shared worship of your cleric’s deity piqued your interest enough to hear him out. – Nelson (Deacon Willie Nelson)

Time of Day: Sunset

“There are a couple of guards stationed at the gate entrance just behind the palisade. When you approach, they glance at one another but do nothing to stop you from entering.”

The Guards are nice if spoken to and will let the group know the gate will be closing soon.

1. The Barking Brew

“As you approach The Barking Brew, the doors bust open and a drunken half orc is being escorted out of the tavern.
“Get your filthy owl-face hands off me. I knew where my shop ish.”
They let him go in the street and tell him to sleep it off."

“The tavern smells of pipe weed and mead, it’s moderately full with a few scattered empty tables. The bartender is an older looking man with a kind face. There is a halfling server running around in between tables with a tray of beers held over his head.”

Harlow Steakems

“There is a table with a nervous looking man in his early 20s wearing a simple gray robe at a table in the corner. He waves you over when he sees you come in.”

- The deacon apologizes for lying. He’s not a priest yet.
- Speaks quietly and nervously looks around.
- The priest has changed: He’s stopped training, he doesn’t allow anyone near his chambers and odd smelling incense fills the church now.
- The village leader, Charlie Dilks, hasn’t left his home in days.
- Some of the village’s militia has been turned into full time guards 10 or 12
- Other people in town have been acting odd as well, keeping their shutters closed, not socializing, wearing hoods up even on dry days.
- He wants you to come with him to the church for morning prayer tomorrow. Check things out and speak to the priest. He’ll meet you inside the tavern for breakfast.


2. General Shop

All the typical items listed in the book, owned by Tragic-Faced Garth
Tragic-Faced Garth (non-cultist): Serious fellow with a gnarly hair lip, lazy eye and a birthmark like a dog’s spot around his good eye.
When shit goes down, he takes cover behind his counter with a heavy crossbow aimed at the door. Can be persuaded to follow.

3. Stables

“4 horses are eating inside the fence connected to this shabby looking shack. The horses area is well maintained, much more than the house of the stable master.”
Run by Dugan Skinner and his stable hand/son Tom Skinner and his wife Mary Skinner (cultists)

4. Herb Shop

“This musty mossy building is covered in planters. All the wood looks damp and is rotting in places.”
Kara Hobs (cultist) runs the shop. There is an orb of insanity DC 13 hidden but humming in the basement of this building. There are 2 guards in the basement guarding the orb. "The basement is long and thin, about 7 feet wide and 20 feet long. There are burlap sacks of black soil scattered about and open top barrels of seed.

5. Church

“This large stone church has a thatch roof and a tall tower at the front. There is a depiction of Pelor’s sun symbol across the front double doors.”
There is a man standing out front of the church letting you know the church is closed today while the ceiling is repaired. If you would like to pray, he’ll guide you in prayer out here instead.
- The front doors are locked shot (barred from the inside).
- 6 glass windows stretching 15ft tall and 2 ft wide can be found on the sides of the church.
- 6 cultists are inside working on a spreading a powder in circles and runes at the center of the church. There is a stake in the center of the circles with the bodies of Willie Nelson, an orc and Davey Turnip.
- 1 cultist fanatic is watching over them.
- Herrick Plow, bumped up fanatic former priest of Pelor is in his chambers speaking with a hooded figure through the mirror.

Herrick’s chamber: Dim candle light, dark cloth covering a tall thin window. 15 feet by 15 feet.
5 scrolls of Command, 3 scrolls of Charm, lots of candles, chalk.

6. Blacksmith’s Shop

“This shop is empty and the forge’s fire is out. You can hear humming emanating from the forge. Passive 13”
Orb hidden behind the forge, DC13

7. Leatherworking Shop

“This shop stinks a bit like a tannery on the inside but you don’t see any piss vats anywhere. Leather pieces, belts, harnesses and armor pieces are strewn about. It looks like there was a struggle here. "
Hiding shopkeep in the back, Bill Ponderosa (non-cultist). Bill fought off some madman earlier and can be persuaded to follow you.
Bill is a large man, mid 30s and is carrying short sword.

8. Docks

“The dockhouse looks like a large shop on the inside with nets and fishing supplies along the walls. There is a large building attached without windows on the side of the main building.”
The attached building is locked and only accessible from inside the dock house or on the dockside of the building. Inside you’ll find stacked supply crates, barrels and loose boat gear.
No boats at the dock
Perception 15 will notice new boxes that contain lots of little glass balls (mini orbs). The boxes have an owl’s face drawn on them.

Loot: Mini Kegs of mead, ale and barrels of wine. Lots of rope, anchors, crate of silk scarfs, a box of crossbow bolts

9. Butcher’s Shop

“This long stinky shop looks clean at the main entrance but filthy at the South end. Lots of flies and blood stained boards can be found there.”
2 butchers are hiding out here: Earl Buck and Greg Buck (brothers)
Loud whisper: “You there, strangers! Get out of the street! Come, come!”
If they get you inside, they try to eat you.
“We have one of those nut jobs tied up in the back, you want to see him?”

Peeble entrance

3 Guards and the Captain
“A large no-necked fat man, with a shiny head and thick armor stands at the entrance behind 3 guards.”
If you approach, he tells you to fuck off. “You got business with Dilks? Let me check who he’s expecting. Oh would you look at that? Not you assholes.” Can call guards over from Dilk’s house.

10. Dilk’s Home

Dilk’s home is large and beautiful. It is far newer than the tower in the center. The front doors are large and wooden with metal strapping."

Dilks can be found in an upstairs study listening to a very large well-dressed man. Dilks sounds impressed and excited by everything the large man says. He is giving advice on shipping, organizing more guards, building a prison and reopening the wizard’s tower.

He acts pleased to see the group and asks “Ah, have you’ve come to town to aid us in the revitalization of Peeble’s tower.”
He tells you they are working to reopen the tower to discover it’s secrets. Strange things have been happening lately and he believes the tower is the cause. +6 deception

Barlgura Looks like a huge demonic orangutan.

11. Books and scrolls

This shop is full of books and scrolls.
Older woman eating scrolls and ripping pages out of her books to eat them. “I’ve forgotten so much. I need my knowledge back.”

13. Other docks

Much like the first but this one contains crates with individual non-humming glass orbs.



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