Grafton Map
Dungeon Map

10 town guard
160 population in the gates
400 including area
People of Grafton

Goblin Boss

“It’s late afternoon, skies are clear and you can see smoke rising from some of the chimneys.”

1. Entrance

- People repairing and cleaning up ruined cottages
- The gates are open and unguarded. 1 guard inside manning the gate.
- The village is bustling inside, smoke is rising from chimneys

2. General Store and Scroll Shop

“This brightly lit shop is packed with books and scrolls of all sorts. There doesn’t appear to be any order to the arrangement.”
Franker Haddock – 4’0’’, chubby, old, long shirt, sleazy, messy hair, hates nat
- Scrolls
- Books

Nat Cartwright – 4’0’’, chubby, old, shrewd haggler, hates Franker
“This shop is filled with all sorts of items.
- weapons
- armor
- food
- misc

3. Random Homes

Norman Quintin (Human)
Tabatha Quintin (Human)
Holly Rylee (Halfling) +8 Kids
Alexander Pearl (Human)
Trudi Pearl (Half-Elf)
Charles Rain (Human)
Ophelia Rain (Human)
Harland Primrose (Human)
Kane Rance (Half-Elf)
Vell Rance (Human)
Ivor Letty (Halfling)
Percival Trundi (Halfling)
Yarg (Half-Orc)

4. Fish and Butchery

Brophy – Happy, optimistic, slaughters animals while talking, removing tongue/eyes/pulling the skin of the face
- blood all over the floor and Brophy
- lots of knives, weird tools
- meats hanging and trays of fish

5. The Waterwheel

Quiet smokey inn, low ceiling joists, creaking waterwheel, handful of patrons

Morris Minor – one-eyed half-elf barkeep, chunk of ear missing, 4 fingers off L-hand, and a limp
Ham Pot – fat hafling cook, drinking/smoking, quickly climbing about boxes/steps/ladders, fights with heavy pot
Peter “Dung” Fletcher – greasy, drunk, beggar, gets kicked out of the inn, betrays town, uses dagger

- Room 5sp
- Stew and Bread 1sp
- Pie 1sp
- Fish 1sp
- Root Veg 2cp
- Mug of Ale 4cp
- Mug of Mead 4cp
- Cheap Wine 2sp
- Fine Wine 10 gp

6. Dockhouse

High traffic area, carts being loaded/unloaded, boats queued up, barrels/boxes/bags moved about
- Barnaby
- Hoggins (Halfling)
- Bort (Halfling)
- Roger

7. Outer Docks

Low traffic, fishing nets, men on docs, few boats

8. East Entrance

9. Ramp to Graftonhouse

Chains run up poles at either end of the ramp that can be cranked to pull the ramp up. When attacks break out, the ramp is pulled.

10. Apiary

Large box-hives cover this mounded hill. Under the mound is a mead brewery run by halflings.

11. Graftonhouse buildings

Graftonhouse – Large plain looking house, Charles Grafton, varying servants, lion-esque man, thick well kempt beard/hair

Alchemist’s (center building) – Krieger’s shop. It’s Krieger.

Captain’s quarters (bottom left – Brisbane, olderman, solid looking, former soldier, well armored, longsword w/no shield

Guard house/armory (top center) – lots of gear

12. Secret Tunnel from Graftonhouse

Hidden in the basement of Graftonhouse this leads out to secret exit in the woods.

Ditch Wizard Dungeon


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