Ditch Wizard Dungeon

Dungeon Map

1. Locked Storage Room

Coins, jewelry, weapons, shineys

2. Body/People Dropping Room

Big hole in ’ere.

3. Zombie Dog room

Zombie guard dog, random bones in here.

4. Raid Supplies

Crappy goblin weapons, rope, alchemist’s fire.

5. Goblin Quarters

Stacks of hay, poo, flies, rancid smell, bones, rags, crappy weapons with whole drilled in them.
Goblins x6

6. Magical and Alchemical Supplies

Barrels, Jars, Bottles, Crates, Scrolls, Random Crap

7. Where the Magic Happens

Luvia working here on a flesh golem.

8. Prison

People are very sad here.

Ditch Wizard Dungeon

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